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Saturday, July 23, 2005

The Party is Over

Well in the tradition of my friends Jon and Mike, and since I only started this blog because they encouraged me to, I have decided to seriously limit/stop my blogging. I am headed to law school at Catholic University really soon and so I will not have much time to write. Furthermore, when I began this blog, my politics were much different from the ones I have now. Life experience is the best teacher and well the asshole right wing Republican I was only two years ago is not what I am today. I have conservative on my blog title but I definitley am not one, if I ever was. I have always believed in societal progress and I embrace new ideas that sound good. So I am not enthusiastic about blogging much anymore, since I am so unsure of what I think. I guess this blog could serve as a timeline of my political transformation. Therefore, I am shutting this blog down for the most part. I will leave some of my better and more intellectual writings on, as well as some of the funny ones. I think I will delete most of my rants though. In the mean time, it has been fun.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Bush Picks Roberts for Supreme Court

We'll see how it goes, he seems like a decent guy and is very qualified. Oh and I kicked ass in the Consitutional Law portion of my legal reasoning class, which is being held at Covington & Burling, rather than Hogan Hartson (who's offices are a block away from Covington).

Although I am officially behind Tim Kaine in the VA gubernatorial race, I would like to say some good things about an independent candidate for governor who is a currently Republican State Senator. I feel Russ Potts would make a fine Governor for VA, unlike Kilgore, he is grounded in reality. However, I feel no point in supporting a third party candidacy unless there is a good chance said candidacy will win. Unless Potts breaks double digits, I encourage everyone to stick with Kaine.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Great Daily Kos Diary

Very informative and to the point. That being said, I must point out that many on the right, including the CATO Institute have vehemently spoken out against corporate welfare and agricultural subsidies. Furthermore, the definition of corporate welfare is in the eye of the beholder. Frankly the government sometimes needs to fund the research work of private firms because the risk/return calculation of certain projects (ie alternative energy) is just too great. And while agri-subsidies may seem useless, I do not believe any of us want to go back to the pre-New Deal days where food/commodity prices fluctuated widly and consumers lacked the price stability we have today which makes the food expense part of one's budget much easier to predict.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Chertoff You Dumb Fuck!!!!!!! Mark Warner for President, Tim Kaine for Governor

Unfucking believable!!!!!!!!! And to think, Chertoff is from Jersey too. You would think that he of all people would have some understanding of threats that mass transit riders face every day having to use bus and train systems with inadequate security measures. Mass Transit may be a matter that is mostly for state and local governments but at the very least the funding for security should be a federal matter. Unbelievable, what is it about the Republican Party and their small town/rural/exurb supporters that has it in for big cities and large metro areas? Every chance they get they seem to want to make life more miserable and more dangerous for us.

On that note, I have been familiarzing myself with Virginia politics a little in the past few months, although I will be living in Maryland for law school. And I must say that the governor of VA, Mark Warner, impresses me a lot. In an earlier post I wrote about a possible Warner vs. Allen match for the presidency, I stated Warner was not that popular. Well I was wrong and ill informed, this is what happens when you rely on your psycho conservative friend for information on VA politics. Your pyscho con friend who lets his ideology cloud his judgement even on the actual political climate of the state. Warner is in fact the most popular politician in the state. Anyway Warner is a great governor and political administrator. I mean this is the guy who took VA from a fiscal disaster caused by past Republican administrations, to an AAA bond rating. Not to mention that the tax increase that he pushed through put millions of dollars into underfunded VA public schools. Here is an interview with him from Salon. I believe Warner would make a fine President, although I still prefer John McCain or Evan Bayh.

Furthermore, Democrats in VA like gubernatorial candidate Tim Kaine, are trying to deal with the big highway park in NoVA that has been the result of the economic growth in the area. Building more roads is not going to solve the traffic pile up that is the VA portion of the Washington DC Metro Area. Taxing large cars and extending the Metro is. Speaking of which, extending the Metro to Dulles International, which a lot of GOPers oppose is something that is long overdue. I mean it is $25-$30 for a fucking taxi there from downtown DC.

Which is why, the policies of Governor Warner cannot be put at risk. And the best way to insure they continue is to elect Tim Kaine the next governor of VA. Aside from the fact that Jerry Kilgore is a religous nut, Lieutenant Governor Kaine is a reasonable, non-ideological and competent politician/administrator who has the potential to be a great governor. More importantly, he is the best way to insure that the policies of Warner continue and the progress of the state under Warner is not fucked up by an anti-tax conservative ideologue. An anti-tax, religious zealot like Jerry Kilgore, who incidentally mentions nothing about expanding the Metro on his website, just building more roads. Hey, newsflash guys, the reason NoVA has so much traffic ie because no one can drive or walk anywhere.

Oh and on a non-political note: this Slate article urges food snobs to stop picking on Rachael Ray. I concur. Anyone who has ever seen me in person can pretty much correctly assume that I am not the biggest eater, although I do enjoy the good occasional restaurant meal with a glass of really good wine. I have seen some of Ms. Ray's books and they seem interesting and very useful, especially for people who have limited budgets and even more limited amount of time to cook because they are in the process of let's say hypothetically.........their first year of law school :D. So Rachael Ray serves an important segment of the market. Besides, I mean she is soooooooo cute and sexy ;D. She just is.

Friday, July 08, 2005

The Case for Intelligent Design II, America's Vulnerable Mass Transit Systems

About two months ago I wrote a defense of intelligent design and its instruction in the schools (abliet in a context as free of religion as possible). Well I came across this article on the subject from a Catholic Cardinal and Archbishop of Vienna, Christoph Schoenborn. Food for thought. I hope that all the tolerant and open minded liberals out there will at leasr consider his arguments. I'm holding my breath.

Meanwhile, Fred Kaplan writes about American mass transit systems and their vulnerability to terrorism. And this article gives me another opportunity to rant about how Republicans suck!!!!! Have you noticed how liberal I've gotten in the past 6 months? And not just about racial/ethnic issues either. Now as someone who takes the Metro/Subway pretty often, I have first hand knowledge of how vulnerable the mass transit systems of our large metropolitan areas are to little things like......ohhhhh......terrorist attacks. Fact is, security measures for mass transit are severely inadequate. What we have now in the form defense against an attack is being cut by this administration. So each day, millions and millions of Americans are becoming an increasingly vulnerable and attractive target to our nation's enemies. But what are the feds doing, why the blockheaded conservatives who run our government are cutting federal aid to mass transit. And what do suburban Republican voting residents think? Why of course they are fine with it, because they drive and don't use mass transit. Hey schmuckos, thanks for caring. Listen mass transit in metro areas is just as important to our national economies as the interstate highway system and should be funded as such. Not to mention the fact that drivers benefit from mass transit due to things like reduced air pollution and reduced traffic. So no, I don't think using funds from tolls and taxes from the feds to fund cheap mass transit is a bad thing. Not to mention some people are too poor to own a car, such as......ohhhhh.......first year law students. But more importantly, a lot of working poor people who need to get to work and rise up in life. So, "I never use mass transit so I do not want to pay for it" is about as legitimate an argument as "I never use highways so I do not want to pay for them". It's a public good.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Change of Plans

Today, I planned on posting a rant bitching about how London got the Olympics instead of my hometown of New York. Well in light of recent events, I feel that would be in bad taste. Our prayers are with the people of the United Kingdom. Incidentally fellow NYU alum and blogger Michael Phillips is in London working on his MA. He is safe, thankfully although quite close to where two of the bombings occured. The people responsible for these attacks will be found and punished soon enough. That is all for now.

Monday, July 04, 2005

Happy Independence Day!!!!

And I'm proud to be an American where at least I know I'm mouth off about any political/social topic on the internet.

And I won't forget the men who died who gave that right to me.

And I'd gladly stand up, next to you and defend her still today.....or more like three years from now if I join the JAG Corps.

Cuz there ain't no doubt (incorrect double negative as well as use of the word cause and spelling it cuz), I love this land.....

God Bless the USA (Quick I mentioned God, call the ACLU)

Meanwhile check out this very interesting Salon article about the Spirit of 76. The spirit happens to be rum :D.

And lastly:

We hold these truths to be self-evident; that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights; that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness; that to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men,deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed...