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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

The AARP is a bunch of troop hating gay loving liberals.....

According to some on the right anyway. This brouhaha is kind of funny, it's even a topic on Hannity and Colmes today as well as Hardball. And it has been mentioned on blog after blog. It's almost like a really bad chain letter (sort of like Social Security actually). Anyway I would say that I am incredibly ashamed of being a conservative because of this ad, but I am not really a conservative (not anymore). Therefore I have to say that I am quite embarrassed to be associated with conservatives because of this. But hey, your crazy relative is still your relative. You cannot be too surprised when they come out of the attic naked once in a while. I mean honestly, if we had just let the left design an ad to caricature the blockheadedness of the far right they could not have done a better job. I know that this ad is only on the American Spectator website (notice how I do not link to them), but the mere existence of this ad hurts our credibility on Social Security. Who were the the ad whizzes who thought of this?

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Another AIM conversation

Hsieh What: and healthcare has changed a lot in the past decade
Hsieh What: it sucks now
Hsieh What: my uncle stopped his practice in march
Hsieh What: he just couldn't afford to practice anymore
TayYuGOP3824: Because of Trial Lawyers? Right?
Hsieh What: with malpractice insurance exceeding 200,000
TayYuGOP3824: Exactly
TayYuGOP3824: I knew it
TayYuGOP3824: Another reason why you and your family should be Republican
Hsieh What: hahaha
Hsieh What: yeah it is a big factor
Hsieh What: my mom was pressing my dad to leave private practice since clinton came into power
Hsieh What: she knew healthcare was gonna go down the tubes
Hsieh What: hasn't been easy

Monday, February 21, 2005

Another anti-CPAC article, from a conservative no less

Yup here it is. I am particularly glad he mentioned the nuttiness of the "grandmother of the right" Phyllis Schlafly. Two CPACs ago I was yelled at by her for having sympathy for immigrants, you know particularly because I am one. This was right after she ranted about how American children do not need Hep B shots because only filthy Asians carried the disease, and boy was she angry. Yes, yours truly, the classicaliberalconservative, was not born in the USA, but in Shanghai. This suprises most people I meet, because you know, I look like the typical all American boy next door (sarcasm). Oh, during the last conference she acted nice to me when I shook her hand at the Eagle Forum table (I was only there to steal candy, hehe). I do not think she remembered the question, or maybe she cannot tell one Asian from another, who knows. Ryan Sager, I salute you and your pro-immigration conservatism, even though I think legal immigration should be cut. But hey, most of the restrictionists do not like people like me.

The Problem with Larry Summers' comments

Although I think Larry Summers is being given too much flack for his comments, I still feel they were careless. Gender and ethnic differences are obvious and should be considered, maybe our brains are wired differently. Science should look into questions of gender and race, even if the truths found might make us uncomfortable. The problem is that general trends tend to make people overlook individual characteristics. Even if women tend to be less strong then men, this does not mean every man is stronger than every woman. Heck, the strongest person in the world may even be a woman. Discrimination both active and through socialization, remain a huge problem in society.

Friday, February 18, 2005

Why I am not going to CPAC this year

Michelle Goldberg goes over the many reasons why I stopped going to the Conservative Political Action Conference. I went to these things yearly throughout college (I had more free time) and could not stand them. Everytime the conference was over I thought of switching parties. This was partially due to how drunk I would get at these things to actually get through them. So I decided not to go this year if I wanted to stay a Republican. Honestly, the only difference between these things and the Nuremberg rallies is that everyone is in a suit, tie and white shirt, instead of an SS uniform and a brown shirt. The conformity and group think at these things is insane. One year I did get to meet David Corn when he was covering the conference though, he was a really nice guy and a pleasure to talk to. Man why can't we have political conferences for centrists. That would be cool, we would all sit around and compromise and consider all views. I would still get incredibly drunk, though unlike CPAC it would not be just to get through the conference without knocking my head against the wall repeatedly. So Dave, if I do go next year, please be there too.

Conservative Urbanism

As a Republican and an urbanite, I was so happy to come across this article. Michael Lewyn, I salute you. Historically, American cities have served as the generators of our nation's wealth and greatness. Although poorer these days due to federal anti-urban pro-sprawl policies, American cities are still the centers of culture and creativity in the US. It is about damn time that conservatives in this country started a campaign to conserve the viability of urban America. Big government created American suburbia in all its mediocre greatness and it is time the feds helped to revive the great American City. The anti-urban biases of some conservatives is just sickening, particularly since so much of it is tinged by racial hostility. It is also hypocritical to the extreme, when conservatives denouce big government and then talk about increasing spending for highways and mortgage subsidies. To our public officials, please save us from the mediocrity of American suburbia. The last thing we needs is more highways, more NIMBYism, more malls, and more isolation. This exurban trend of recent years is even worse.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Tim Wise on Race

Very insightful article worth reading about the present state race relations in America. Thank you Tim Wise.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

No King but Jesus Christ!!!

The recent annoucement of the Charles-Camilla marriage has motivated me to search the back issues of The American Enterprise for this gem of an article written by Bill Kauffman. In it he discusses what he thinks about the idea of monarchy and I find his views very insightful. I urge our English cousins to kick those glorified welfare cases you call the "royal family" out of Buckingham Palace and turn to the sanity of a Republic. The current "royal family" can't even hold a candle to George III, and you all know what we Americans thought of him. Americans do not bend the knee, and neither should anyone else.

Monday, February 07, 2005

What is Left and What is Right?

Really cool article about how the French Revolution (Damn frogs always manage to screw something up) made political definitions way too simpistic by giving them a left/right format. Enjoy.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Another male responds to Maureen Dowd

Well it looks like I am not the only person who thought Maureen Dowd's column was a great example of how deluded some American women are, especially the ones who live in New York, Los Angeles and Washington DC. A friend of mine sent this article to me a few days ago. It originally appeared at Tech Central Station, which is a good site with many great articles (including South Park Republicans, which is a favorite with this particular South Park Republican), even if site head James Glassman once predicted the Dow would shoot to 36,000 by now. Although he did have a good idea about how corporations paying dividends would make corporations more responsible to shareholders (i.e don't tax dividend income twice).
Okay back to my original point. Maureen, even though you are indeed gorgeous, witty and I bet a great conversationalist; I think that your standards in finding a mate might just be a bit too high. Men are not all sexist and threatened by career women. But some men do want kids. More importantly, we do not want those kids resenting us when they are grown, spending tons of money on therapy, shooting up there high schools, abusing drugs, siring a litter of bastards, starring in a bad reality TV show or engaging in any other such outrageous vice, due to the fact that they lack supervision were neglected by their parents at a young age. So Maureen, since your biological clock has already reached midnight, I suggest you have a series of affairs with younger subordinate men. I am most likely going to start law school in DC this fall, maybe at your old alma mater CUA. You know how to get in touch with me ;)