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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Bush Speech, Supreme Court, Iranian Presidential Election, Lynching Apology

Well I did not catch most of Bush's speech on Iraq two nights ago since I was in class for all of it. I also slept through the rebroadcast on Fox News at 2am. But thanks to Mike Phillips, I can read it. So what do I think. Well my initial impression was disappointing. Instead of outlining a real plan and admitting mistakes that were made, Bush's speech involved more ra ra cheerleading. Everything Bush said in his speech was a given. We know that fighting the global war on terrorism is important. We know that Al Qaeda is not involved in Iraq. And we know that the war on terror will require a lot of work and sacrifice from the nation. And lastly, we all know the terrorists are bad people. So what is missing from the speecj? Well any admission of mistakes made by the administration. As the old saying goes: It's not the scandal, it's the coverup. Okay, we went into Iraq and there were no WMDs or Al Qaeda members. Furthermore, our invasion destablized the country and Al Qaeda came in. We should not have invaded in the first place (and I regret my initial support on many levels) but now we can't leave. So why did Bush not say the words "I made a mistake"? A little humility and honesty would have helped. I am not claiming that no progress is being made, but anyone who thinks everything in Iraq is going okay and we don't need to change a thing we are doing is not facing reality. And one of the reasons I am a Republican is because I thought we were the party of people who dealt in reality (although you'd never guess it sometimes, what with the deficit, denial of global warming etc etc). And here is a major problem we are facing. Our military has a recruiting shortfall. So how are we going to handle that? This sure as hell is not the way to do it. We face a real problem people. The only way I can see us making our nation building in Iraq successful is by asking, nay begging for help from the UN. And that means axing the whole John Bolton nomination.

On the otherhand, whatever the mistakes of going into Iraq in the firstplace, we are there now and it is too late to change that. We can't dwell on past mistakes and ignore the current crisis. Those calling for a conditionless withdrawal are no better than those who think things are going fine. The fact is Al Qaeda is in Iraq now and we need to work towards a political solution that will stop the insurgency. That's right, insurgency. Those who claim that the insurgency is just composed of foreign terrorists are delusional. The insurgency was domestic in origin, and it started the minute we disbanded the army and bureaucracy that we are now trying to rebuild. The situation in Iraq is not Vietnam in one important way. The Vietnamese did not follow us back to the US.....okay some did, but those were our supporters. We are fighting Islamic fundamentalists who will only be more emboldened to attack us if we quit now.

Meanwhile there were all these rumors in the city that Sandra Day O'Connor would be retiring soon. A lot of buzz about a nomination fight, and it turns out that Sandra O'Connor the Balitmore Federal Attorney was the one retiring. Still I think that a retirement on the court or two is going to appear soon. Here is a list of potential candidates from Slate. Not bad choices if you ask me.

Meanwhile for those who are using the latest Iranian election as an example of the increase in global anti-Americanism due to administration policy. Well, right idea but wrong basis. I mean out of 1000 candidates that applied, I believe well over 90% of them were disqualified by the clerics, leaving a moderate conservative vs. a ultra conservative in the race. It would be the equivalent of the US having an election between Trent Lott and Tom Coburn as ordered by Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell and James Dobson (shudder). Furthermore, turnout was rather low, what with a boycott by many reform elements in the populace as a protest against this clerical rigging.

Meanwhile, check out this article from Salon. I found it pointed and extremely funny.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Charles Evers, Ronald Reagan, Seinfeld Liberals and King of the Hill Dems, And the Bush Conspiracy Generator

Okay for everyone who is wondering why I am still a Republican when half the time on this blog all I do angrily bitch about how racist society is, well here is a Daily Kos diary containing an interview with Charles Evers that will partially explain things. Mr. Evers is a black Republican from Mississippi and the older brother of slain civil rights activist Medgar Evers. Fuck You Byron De La Beckwith, you fucking white trash dipshit. Btw, I strongly recommend Ghosts of Mississippi, even if the plot and dialogue are kind of corny, especially the dialogue.

Meanwhile, Ronald Reagan has been declared the Greatest American by the Discovery Channel. Take that Mike Phillips!!!!! Seriously though, I have a few bones to pick with the selection. First of all, their is not one American of Asian ancestry on this list. Okay aside from Tiger Woods and everyone thinks he is black anyway right? What the fuck? This is just another example of societal perception of Asian Americans as foreigners and the other. Well I am as American as apple pie, baseball, and everything else and I am sick of it. Could they not come up with one Asian American? How about Maya Ying Lin, she was the individual who designed the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, as a Yale undergrad fyi. That's right America, a slant eyed gook designed that thing. As a matter of fact she got a lot of flack for her race when her design was picked. People like Ross Perot among others did not think a woman from an enemy race should be associated with that project. Well fuck you all!!!! Or how about I.M. Pei? Or.....well this just goes to show you how Asian American contributions to American society have been ignored by our history books. I was able to name a grand total of two architects, and I am Asian too. I mean come on, fucking Dr. Phil McGraw is on this list!!!!!! Sigh.......I mean I know I am being just a tad senstive here. It is just that Asian Americans always have to deal with being perceived as foreigners and It saddens me. I love being an American and am proud and patriotic as any guy. The fact that not one person on the list is of Asian ancestry pereptuates those prejudices and stereotypes. I mean if Bill Gates is on that list, how about Charles Wang or Sanjay Kumar? Oh well, maybe 100 years from now, maybe a certain young, charasmatic and outspoken Asian American law student will be on that list. One can dream right?

Okay aside from my usual I feel oppressed ranting, I mean come on. I love Reagan but to put him on top of Washington and Lincoln, or Franklin and Jefferson? That is insane. Oh and how the fuck did George W. Bush and Bill Clinton get higher rankings than FDR? I mean what the fuck? I think Martin Luther King definitely belongs on the top 3 though. I think Jesse Jackson said that America was not America for a substantial amount of people until 1964. For me it would be 1965, since I had a small chance of even coming here until the Immigration Reform Act of that year was passed. For that, King is a great man, abliet more left wing than I am. I know certain paleocons do not like the changes in America, well FUCK THEM!!!!! Speaking of which, LBJ should be ranked higher too. He signed both acts after all and allowed me and my family to become Americans. Oh and if Barak Obama is on the list, Bobby Jindal should be as well. And how did John Edwards get on there? And Tom Cruise? I can think of much greater people in the performing arts like Rodgers and Hammerstein, George Gershwin or Orson Welles. Not one of them even made the top 100. I tell you, I love America but sometimes the American people can really piss me off. And don't anyone try to Dick Durbin me for saying that!!!!

Oh check out the article Seinfeld liberals. I think it was a very unfair indictment of urbanites by the self righteous assholes on the right. People in large cities also raise families fyi and we are not the uncaring elitists that the article portrays us as. And many of us even go to church. This dumbass accuses us of painting Middle America with a broad brush and he does the same thing to New York City. Well FUCK YOU Ed Lasky. King of the Hill Democrats by Matt Bai is also an interesting article although the residents on that show are obviously Republican, so it makes no sense.

On and care of the Conservative Realist, check out the Bush Conspiracy Theory Generator. LOL Funny!!!!

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Open Thread......

Just kidding. Anyway this is not cool,literally :D. Let me tell you, it is especially bad around here. Washington DC is built on swamp land, so it is insanely humid here. In Georgetown, on summer nights you can still here the crickets, grasshoppers and other such animals chirping away.

So the Nationals won the game I went to last night, although they lost today. The game I went to was fun and afterwards I had a nice chicken fried steak in a delicious country sausage gravy. Mmmm Good.

In other DC news, has everyone heard that the boobs are uncovered again in the Department of Justice? Ha Ha, Yeah Baby Yeah.

Oh and a few hours ago I watched the most interesting 60 Minutes segment on the Iraq war. It followed a company of Marines on their patrols in Ramadi. If one really wants to know how bad this war is going, this segment does a good job at explaining why. Well apparently we are negotiating with some of the insurgents now, but that is only a first step. What we really need to do is have President Bush go to the UN and beg on his hands and knees for other nations to help us out a bit. Otherwise, we will either need to quickly pack up (leading to other major disasters) or revive the draft, which is politically unfeasible.

Friday, June 24, 2005

DC is HOT, Ed Klein, Eminent Domain, Stop Republicans from Playing Golf!!!!!, I Want to be a Reality TV Star

Well after some absence, the Classicaliberalconservative is back. I am enjoying Washington DC quite a bit, but GOD DAMN is it HOT!!!! I mean really it is boiling. All because some dumbass southern hicks wanted the capital moved down here in order to put the nation's finances in shape. Fucking rednecks.

Anyway, will everyone on the left stop picking on Ed Klein, and will everyone on the right stop glorifying his new book as proof that Hillary is evil. Take a look at these articles from Slate and Salon. Bill did not rape Hillary despite what Matt Drudge implied. He was joking people, rather tastlessly, but since when have Bill Clinton and taste been something that were associated with each other. At least when it comes to women. But in a seriousness, I think Steve Sailer's take on the issue was the most sensible. Steve is usually sensible when he is not being a fucking racist white male blockhead. Hillary is a flawed and deeply ambitious woman whose heart is in the right place. I think that describes most of our politicians in either party. And are we really shocked that Clinton had many affairs and Hillary tried to regulate things a bit to preserve their joint political ambitions. Is that so wrong? So they were dishonest with their personal lives a bit, so was FDR, but we still consider him a great leader.

Meanwhile the Supreme Court has ruled in Kelo vs. The City of New London that it is permissible for municiplaties to take land under eminent domain for private development. This has gotten the anti-development left and the property rights are involiable right up in a tizzy. All I can say to both sides is SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!! First, to the liberals, is development always such a bad thing? What if the community wants to modernize and one dumbass is holding out because he thinks that if he moves from his house it will turn him into a pumpkin. As for the pyscho-cons, eminent domain has been a legitimate governmental perogative since what was it the early 1800s? I forgot when and what case established the legal precedant, I know I learned it in AP Government. It's not like the government is confiscating property from people without compensation. They are being given fair market value for it. And if you think that is not enough, maybe the government should give double fair market value. Besides, this case has precedent as well. Apparently the Hawaiian government used eminent domain to confiscate land from the old landholding class of the island (who were mostly evil white colonialists fyi) and sold it to islanders for commercial purposes. That was ruled okay, so I think this should be too.

Oh yeah, apparently golf is responsible for Republican boneheadedness and screwing up.

Oh and watching Best Week Ever on VH1, I could not help but realize how bad reality TV and the people they get on those shows are. I mean, I could do a better job and am more interesting than most of them. Probably better looking too fyi. I am. Come on TV execs, put me on TV. We can have a real interesting show about ME, ME, ME!!!! Plus you guys really need more Asian Americans on TV, and William Hung is not what we had in mind. I on the otherhand am cute, accentless and can actually carry a tune. I'm also really funny, like an Asian version of Jerry Seinfeld. So TV execs, give me my own show.

Oh and check this out. I am going to see it sometime. But not tomorrow, going to see the Nats tomorrow. Washington, first in war, first in peace and so far first in the NL East, Huzzah!!!!

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Going to Washington DC, The Universal Language, Jeremy's Ejaculations

Well I am going to Washington DC for the next 6 weeks for the Legal Reasoning Program. Hopefully, I will be well prepared for law school at CUA. I am staying in the neighborhood of Tacoma Park. While there, besides learning about law, I will also be searching for a permanent apartment. I don't know yet whether I will have time to write my blog during this period, so don't be shocked if I do not post for 6 weeks. Btw, I will review the articles by Medved and Sailer as well as my opinions of torture much later.

Meanwhile, check out the very interesting IM conversation with my old friend Michael Phillips about the transcedance of cultural boundaries throughout the world.

mikeyphillipsii: yes.
TayYuGOP3824: Have you seen the new Shakira video?
mikeyphillipsii: yes.
mikeyphillipsii: yes i have.
mikeyphillipsii: many times.
TayYuGOP3824: I find it weird
TayYuGOP3824: That I have no idea what she is saying
TayYuGOP3824: But I love the video
mikeyphillipsii: hey, it's amazing
mikeyphillipsii: she speaks a universal language
mikeyphillipsii: in her hips and midriff
TayYuGOP3824: hahahahaha
TayYuGOP3824: Can I put this conversation on my blog?
mikeyphillipsii: yes.
mikeyphillipsii: yes you can.
mikeyphillipsii: i just got some aircon unit up in here - is it still killer hot in americsa
TayYuGOP3824: Yes
TayYuGOP3824: I broke out in a heat rash like 5 minutes ago
mikeyphillipsii: we might not speak shakira's language, but i definitely like what she is saying. perhaps we speak shakira's language after all
TayYuGOP3824: It's a beautiful language after all
mikeyphillipsii: especially covered in oil

My friend and former NYU Political Spectrum Vice President Jeremy Wells has a new blog called Building Blog of Life. Jeremy is hilarious and I strongly urge all of you to read and link his blog. Funny story about Jeremy, he lost a bet to me a while ago, and still has not paid me back.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Downing Street Memo, Stop Picking on Dick Durbin you Right Wing Assholes, Pretty White Girls

I came across two interesting articles on the Downing Street Memo recently. The first one by from Fred Kaplan in Slate. The second article is from the Weekly Standard. Now I know the left is treating these transcripts of a Blair cabinet meeting as a smoking gun that Bush lied about the war and made up intelligence. Well guess what folks? If you read the content in some of the memos even a little, like I did, you will find that this is far from the case. Yes, Bush was determined to go to war with Iraq way back in 2002, it is in the first memo. But guess what, these memos confirm that any decision by Bush to invade Iraq was based on what at that time was considered reliable intelligence. The rest of the memos talk about how the invasion would go and the intel that formed the decision to invade. The intel was not made up, it was collected throughout the nineties. There is a section in this memo that stated the case for action was thin. But this was based on the fact that Saddam did not threaten his neighbors at the time. Guess what, that is mostly due to the fact that we had no fly zones over most of Iraq and troops circling him. He may not have been a threat, but this had nothing to do with his character. As it turns out, Saddam did not have WMDs and our intel was flawed. But that does not mean Bush lied to get us into the war. Was the Bush administration a bit too aggressive in dealing with the situation? Well that issue is debatable. Did the administration royally fuck up the post combat occupation? Oh you bet your sweet ass they did. But did he lie to get us into war? No, a lie requires an intent to mislead and Bush never intended to mislead anyone. He might have been itching for a war in Iraq and used the intel to justify it, but it appears he did not have ulterior motives to pursue this war except for the fact that Iraq was thought of as a genuine threat at the time. So no, the Downing Street Memos are not a smoking gun, and Bush cannot be impeached for this. I am the first one to admit that my gung-ho attitude towards this war a few years ago was wrong. And this administration needs to be rung out to dry for its incompetence at handling the post combat occupation, among other things.

Meanwhile, will the psycho rightists and other Republicans leave Senator Durbin alone? He was not calling the US military Nazis or Stalinists. He was saying that some of the interrogation tactics being used on terror suspects are reminiscent of tactics used by totalitarian societies. Whether his comments were accurate is debatable. But he was not comparing our soldiers to Nazis. Let me make it clear that I am not saying American soldiers are Nazis, so will the psycho rightists please refrain leaving a bunch of hate messages on my blog? But saying your country is wrong when it is wrong, is not unpatriotic. God, Sean Hannity was especially obnoxious about this issue tonight on Hannity and Colmes. I'll post more of what I think are appropriate interrogation techniques later on. But in the mean time: DISSENT IS PATRIOTIC!!!!!

Lastly, who can resist a pretty white girl? Well certaintly not the American media considering the Natalee Holloway story that has received so much attention. I have been thinking of this issue for a while and I came across this thread on Daily Kos. Apparently, pretty white girls in distress are more important than any other issue going on in the world. Who cares about Dick Durbin, the Downing Street memo, the War in Iraq, the elections in Iran or the dozens of other important issues. The missing pretty white girl is more important. Now, missing girls of other races on the other hand.........are not so important. Apparently they don't sell well on the news or get the good ratings. This brings up all sorts of race and class issues, like western beauty standards, popular acceptance of non-whites as social equals etc. But I don't want to get into these issues right now. Anyway, every cloud does have a silver lining. At least we know that if Michelle Malkin goes missing no one will really care. Face it Michelle, no matter how schrill and right wing you act, no matter how much you try to ignore societal racism or act as a schill for purveyors of racial division, it really does you no good. You are still a Filipino and Asian American and that is not something you can change. Well, I learned that lesson so maybe there is some hope for her. I highly doubt it though.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

South Park Conservatives and our Paleocon Enemies

Andrew Sullivan once coined the term South Park Republican, which is a very good way of describing many young conservatives and Republicans of my generation. A term taken up by me and and more than a few others. Well, it is no suprise that us South Park Republicans have enemies in the traditional right. They don't like us too much, they really don't. They think we are vulgar, offensive and contributing to the coarsening of our culture. To which I respond, GO FUCK YOURSELVES, YOU ASS RAMMING UNCLE FUCKERS!!!!!!!!!!!

Among our enemies are L. Brent Bozell III from Accuracy in the Media, the moral prudes of the religious right and the anti-immigrant hate mongers at VDare (Check out this letter, I do love plugging it). Of course some of these categories are not mutually exclusive. Furthermore, and I hate admitting it, VDare has become less hostile to South Park in recent months. And I really, really hate admitting this. Partially it has to do with the fact that they finally came to the realization that South Park is not the usual politically correct gibberish. It takes on the issue of illegal immigration for example, an issue that is not dealt with honestly by the American establishment. And if the neanderthals at Vdare love to hate one thing, it is immigrants. Heck, even Peter Brimelow might be coming around. Rabidly hostile indeed, hahahaha. Speaking of which Peter, what are you doing in the US? Aren't you from the UK? You know this country has plenty of domestic Klansman, Neonazis and other assorted bigots. We don't need some foreigner from Britain with a funny accent taking their jobs from them. Go back to where you came from. And leave the sowing of hatred and racial discord to real native born Americans like Trent Lott and David Duke.

Oh well, at least I can console myself with the fact that Michelle Malkin still hates South Park!!!! Yes Malkin, Vdare's token "Asian American", or if you will the Reinhard Heydrich of the Asian American community. You know Malkin, she wrote a book defending the internment of Japanese Americans during WWII. You know the Japs, the ones that J. Edgar Hoover felt were no threat to the US. Or the members of the 442nd Regiment who fought like heroes in Europe and were decorated for their bravery. Not to mention many others who did much for the country. They were all dangerous enemies of our country, undermining the war effort. Heck, they probably still are.

Lastly, but most certainly not least, today marks the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre. Since 1989, mainland China has modernized and advanced itself economically,socially and even politically. But much remains to be done. Real participatory democracy must eventually come to China. Besides the PRC is an illegtimate government. The real government of China is in exile on Taiwan. One day, they will come back and restore the true government of the nation: The Republic of China, founded in 1911 by Dr. Sun Yat-Sen. Free China!!!!!

Tag, You're It

Well I was tagged by James at RightBlog, so hear goes.......

Number of Books You Own:
Oh man, I don't know, hundreds I guess, and the collection just keeps on growing.

Last Book Bought:
Getting to Maybe

Last Book I Read:
SPQR IX: The Princess and the Pirates

Five Books That Mean a Lot to Me:
1) Capitalism And Freedom, Milton Friedman
2) The Lays of Ancient Rome, Lord Thomas B. Macaulay
3) Yellow: Race in America Beyond Black and White, Frank H. Wu
4) Accidental Asian, Eric Liu
5) The Early History of Rome, Livy

Tag You're It:

Michael Phillips: Tougher on Terrorism
Political Notio
A Different Reason
Practical Idealism

Come on people, I want to know the answers to these questions. Don't respond here, post it on your own blog and send it to another 5 people!!!!! :)

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Articles across the internet

Hmmmmm, not in the mood to angrily bitch about being Asian today (I only did it yesterday after reading Marian's post), so here are some interesting articles I came across.......

First from Slate:

Seth Stevenson criticizes one of my favorite new commercials. He has a point, but those models are really hot looking!!!!!

Tim Noah has been vindicated. Plus some of the legal impications of being Deep Throat.

From The Weekly Standard:

Nick Eberstadt says the Republic of Korea should give refuge to those escaping from North Korea.

Oh and PJ O'Rourke writes about a tax we can all love.

Since I think I more than did my share of complaining about prejduce towards Asians this week, I will delay my reviews of Medved and Sailer's articles till next week.