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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Bush Speech, Supreme Court, Iranian Presidential Election, Lynching Apology

Well I did not catch most of Bush's speech on Iraq two nights ago since I was in class for all of it. I also slept through the rebroadcast on Fox News at 2am. But thanks to Mike Phillips, I can read it. So what do I think. Well my initial impression was disappointing. Instead of outlining a real plan and admitting mistakes that were made, Bush's speech involved more ra ra cheerleading. Everything Bush said in his speech was a given. We know that fighting the global war on terrorism is important. We know that Al Qaeda is not involved in Iraq. And we know that the war on terror will require a lot of work and sacrifice from the nation. And lastly, we all know the terrorists are bad people. So what is missing from the speecj? Well any admission of mistakes made by the administration. As the old saying goes: It's not the scandal, it's the coverup. Okay, we went into Iraq and there were no WMDs or Al Qaeda members. Furthermore, our invasion destablized the country and Al Qaeda came in. We should not have invaded in the first place (and I regret my initial support on many levels) but now we can't leave. So why did Bush not say the words "I made a mistake"? A little humility and honesty would have helped. I am not claiming that no progress is being made, but anyone who thinks everything in Iraq is going okay and we don't need to change a thing we are doing is not facing reality. And one of the reasons I am a Republican is because I thought we were the party of people who dealt in reality (although you'd never guess it sometimes, what with the deficit, denial of global warming etc etc). And here is a major problem we are facing. Our military has a recruiting shortfall. So how are we going to handle that? This sure as hell is not the way to do it. We face a real problem people. The only way I can see us making our nation building in Iraq successful is by asking, nay begging for help from the UN. And that means axing the whole John Bolton nomination.

On the otherhand, whatever the mistakes of going into Iraq in the firstplace, we are there now and it is too late to change that. We can't dwell on past mistakes and ignore the current crisis. Those calling for a conditionless withdrawal are no better than those who think things are going fine. The fact is Al Qaeda is in Iraq now and we need to work towards a political solution that will stop the insurgency. That's right, insurgency. Those who claim that the insurgency is just composed of foreign terrorists are delusional. The insurgency was domestic in origin, and it started the minute we disbanded the army and bureaucracy that we are now trying to rebuild. The situation in Iraq is not Vietnam in one important way. The Vietnamese did not follow us back to the US.....okay some did, but those were our supporters. We are fighting Islamic fundamentalists who will only be more emboldened to attack us if we quit now.

Meanwhile there were all these rumors in the city that Sandra Day O'Connor would be retiring soon. A lot of buzz about a nomination fight, and it turns out that Sandra O'Connor the Balitmore Federal Attorney was the one retiring. Still I think that a retirement on the court or two is going to appear soon. Here is a list of potential candidates from Slate. Not bad choices if you ask me.

Meanwhile for those who are using the latest Iranian election as an example of the increase in global anti-Americanism due to administration policy. Well, right idea but wrong basis. I mean out of 1000 candidates that applied, I believe well over 90% of them were disqualified by the clerics, leaving a moderate conservative vs. a ultra conservative in the race. It would be the equivalent of the US having an election between Trent Lott and Tom Coburn as ordered by Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell and James Dobson (shudder). Furthermore, turnout was rather low, what with a boycott by many reform elements in the populace as a protest against this clerical rigging.

Meanwhile, check out this article from Salon. I found it pointed and extremely funny.


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