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Friday, July 08, 2005

The Case for Intelligent Design II, America's Vulnerable Mass Transit Systems

About two months ago I wrote a defense of intelligent design and its instruction in the schools (abliet in a context as free of religion as possible). Well I came across this article on the subject from a Catholic Cardinal and Archbishop of Vienna, Christoph Schoenborn. Food for thought. I hope that all the tolerant and open minded liberals out there will at leasr consider his arguments. I'm holding my breath.

Meanwhile, Fred Kaplan writes about American mass transit systems and their vulnerability to terrorism. And this article gives me another opportunity to rant about how Republicans suck!!!!! Have you noticed how liberal I've gotten in the past 6 months? And not just about racial/ethnic issues either. Now as someone who takes the Metro/Subway pretty often, I have first hand knowledge of how vulnerable the mass transit systems of our large metropolitan areas are to little things like......ohhhhh......terrorist attacks. Fact is, security measures for mass transit are severely inadequate. What we have now in the form defense against an attack is being cut by this administration. So each day, millions and millions of Americans are becoming an increasingly vulnerable and attractive target to our nation's enemies. But what are the feds doing, why the blockheaded conservatives who run our government are cutting federal aid to mass transit. And what do suburban Republican voting residents think? Why of course they are fine with it, because they drive and don't use mass transit. Hey schmuckos, thanks for caring. Listen mass transit in metro areas is just as important to our national economies as the interstate highway system and should be funded as such. Not to mention the fact that drivers benefit from mass transit due to things like reduced air pollution and reduced traffic. So no, I don't think using funds from tolls and taxes from the feds to fund cheap mass transit is a bad thing. Not to mention some people are too poor to own a car, such as......ohhhhh.......first year law students. But more importantly, a lot of working poor people who need to get to work and rise up in life. So, "I never use mass transit so I do not want to pay for it" is about as legitimate an argument as "I never use highways so I do not want to pay for them". It's a public good.


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