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Friday, July 15, 2005

Chertoff You Dumb Fuck!!!!!!! Mark Warner for President, Tim Kaine for Governor

Unfucking believable!!!!!!!!! And to think, Chertoff is from Jersey too. You would think that he of all people would have some understanding of threats that mass transit riders face every day having to use bus and train systems with inadequate security measures. Mass Transit may be a matter that is mostly for state and local governments but at the very least the funding for security should be a federal matter. Unbelievable, what is it about the Republican Party and their small town/rural/exurb supporters that has it in for big cities and large metro areas? Every chance they get they seem to want to make life more miserable and more dangerous for us.

On that note, I have been familiarzing myself with Virginia politics a little in the past few months, although I will be living in Maryland for law school. And I must say that the governor of VA, Mark Warner, impresses me a lot. In an earlier post I wrote about a possible Warner vs. Allen match for the presidency, I stated Warner was not that popular. Well I was wrong and ill informed, this is what happens when you rely on your psycho conservative friend for information on VA politics. Your pyscho con friend who lets his ideology cloud his judgement even on the actual political climate of the state. Warner is in fact the most popular politician in the state. Anyway Warner is a great governor and political administrator. I mean this is the guy who took VA from a fiscal disaster caused by past Republican administrations, to an AAA bond rating. Not to mention that the tax increase that he pushed through put millions of dollars into underfunded VA public schools. Here is an interview with him from Salon. I believe Warner would make a fine President, although I still prefer John McCain or Evan Bayh.

Furthermore, Democrats in VA like gubernatorial candidate Tim Kaine, are trying to deal with the big highway park in NoVA that has been the result of the economic growth in the area. Building more roads is not going to solve the traffic pile up that is the VA portion of the Washington DC Metro Area. Taxing large cars and extending the Metro is. Speaking of which, extending the Metro to Dulles International, which a lot of GOPers oppose is something that is long overdue. I mean it is $25-$30 for a fucking taxi there from downtown DC.

Which is why, the policies of Governor Warner cannot be put at risk. And the best way to insure they continue is to elect Tim Kaine the next governor of VA. Aside from the fact that Jerry Kilgore is a religous nut, Lieutenant Governor Kaine is a reasonable, non-ideological and competent politician/administrator who has the potential to be a great governor. More importantly, he is the best way to insure that the policies of Warner continue and the progress of the state under Warner is not fucked up by an anti-tax conservative ideologue. An anti-tax, religious zealot like Jerry Kilgore, who incidentally mentions nothing about expanding the Metro on his website, just building more roads. Hey, newsflash guys, the reason NoVA has so much traffic ie because no one can drive or walk anywhere.

Oh and on a non-political note: this Slate article urges food snobs to stop picking on Rachael Ray. I concur. Anyone who has ever seen me in person can pretty much correctly assume that I am not the biggest eater, although I do enjoy the good occasional restaurant meal with a glass of really good wine. I have seen some of Ms. Ray's books and they seem interesting and very useful, especially for people who have limited budgets and even more limited amount of time to cook because they are in the process of let's say hypothetically.........their first year of law school :D. So Rachael Ray serves an important segment of the market. Besides, I mean she is soooooooo cute and sexy ;D. She just is.


Blogger The Conservative Realist said...

Chertoff's an ass. Yeah, "It might kill 30 people, so what? They'll only be New Yorkers, and heck they've got 10 million, so they won't notice, right?"


Considering that most people I love take the subways every day, I'll be the last to tell you that train attacks "don't matter." A train attack could make or break my future. But this guy has a car, so what does he care? *eyeroll*

Taylor, you and I should really make a list of what Democratic things we agree with, and what Republican things, and then determine whether or not we actually *are* Republicans. Sometimes I doubt whether I am...I'm conservative, but more independent-minded. Which according to many, makes a RINO, a DINO, a wuss, an undecided, blah.

I hate politics. :-)

4:36 AM  
Blogger TAYLOR said...

Actually I would consider myself a Republican before I consider myself a conservative. I am definitely not a conservative as is defined nowadays. The political school that I most resemble would be neoconservatism. Real neoconservatism, not this invade the world crap, but the 1960s sensible liberalism of people like Norman Podhoretz and Irving Kristol.

11:24 PM  
Blogger The Conservative Realist said...

how about "right-leaning libertarianism?" I kind of like it due to the lack of theocratic thinking, but they do tend to be a little *too* anti-government.

8:55 AM  
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